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The Surprising Cost of On-Call at Trace3 Evolve 2022

Ashley Stirrup dives into the hidden costs of on-call and discuss how one team saved 20 hours of DevOps time per month thanks to automations.
7 min

Ashley Stirrup, Shoreline COO, shares annual Cloud Infrastructure Incidents data from our 2022 Benchmarking Production Operations Report, conducted by Dimensional Research, and his recommendations on how to fix production operations issues.

Find out how one team saved 20 hours of DevOps time per month and more in this presentation from the October 6th, 2022 Trace3 Evolve event.

Watch the Breaking Down the Silos Innovation Hour to see the full Trace3 Evolve session.


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2 min
Why You Should Automate Production Ops
Most of the on-call issues are commonplace, which means they happen again and again. It’s important to automate these issues because it’s a one-time investment, doesn’t make mistakes, and stays with you forever.
3 min
Is Automation Too Time-Consuming?
Automation takes us too much time. The problem with this approach is that 48% of incidents are straightforward and repetitive. Don't have people fix them manually. Teach the computer how to do it.
3 min
Actively Managing Systems to Improve Utilization
We're all being asked to do more with less now a days. For those of us in production operations, one of the best ways we can do that is eliminate waste with automation to drive higher utilization.