Forget static runbooks. Leap ahead to interactive visual notebooks.

Packaged diagnostics & repairs

When a notebook is launched, diagnostics are automatically run, and repair commands are available as needed.

Real-time graphs

Notebooks present per second metrics data as graphs in a grid, allowing resources to be easily inspected side-by-side. 

Shared diagnostic data

Automatically capture debug data and share easily with engineering to fix an incident’s root cause. 
“Notebooks pre-populate diagnostics and lay out the fixes for our ops engineers - across all our cloud providers.”
Osama Elkady
Co-Founder and CTO at Incorta

Notebooks make on-call safer, and reduce escalations

Like built-in guardrails, notebooks keep your team on a safe path to resolve tickets, without calling in senior experts. All commands in each notebook have been curated and tested for a specific incident type. 

Easy to create – any repair session can be saved in a notebook

Experienced engineers can automatically capture their diagnostic and repair sessions within a notebook, then simply publish the notebook as best practices for others on the on-call team to use whenever that incident recurs.

Institutional knowledge builds as notebooks are published

It’s too common for ops teams to lose important  remediation information when key employees leave the org. Proactively capturing their best tactics in notebooks ensures others can carry on effectively.

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