Mistakes in production operations can immediately impact customer experience, so Shoreline was designed to maximize safe operations.
Automate mundane work to eliminate human errors
  • Using pre-approved actions eliminates the potential for human errors that can easily happen when operating quickly under the pressure of an outage
  • Shoreline replaces the need for SSH access to production boxes
Shoreline’s network and data are secure
  • Shoreline provides authorization of user requests by role:
    • - View metrics and alarms (default role)
    • - Execute actions created by others
    • - Create derived metrics, alarms, actions, and bots
    • - Administer the system, including user management
  • By separating roles for executing actions vs. creating actions, an ops team can manage the operations that can be executed by L1 and L2 support teams.
Run Terraform definitions through CI/CD pipelines
  • Shoreline includes a verified Terraform provider to bring Gitops best practices to production operations
  • All artifacts (metrics, alarms, actions, bots and scripts) can be published via a “Terraform apply,” while disallowing artifact definition in production
  • Ensure that all components of Shoreline automations go through the same CI/CD processes, including version control and code reviews before deployment
Define circuit breakers and blast radius limits
  • Limit the scope of resources affected by a single command by setting a blast radius by role (max x nodes)
  • Use circuit breakers to limit frequency of automated actions (max x/hour)
  • Provide privilege escalation for “break glass” scenarios