The days of logging into individual boxes are over.

Distributed Linux commands

Parallel execution across your infrastructure means that there’s no need to SSH into individual boxes one after another.

Per-second data

Shoreline gives on-call teams a wide variety of per-second metrics that deliver faster understanding.

Precisely targeted resources

Expressive one-liners filter resources based on metadata, metrics, and the output of Linux commands.
Shoreline’s approach streamlines remediation of incidents in our production cloud, and it eliminates the complexities inherent in operating across multiple cloud providers.
Dr. Jay Yu
VP Product and Innovation at TigerGraph

Diagnose and repair issues 30% faster

Shoreline gives engineers the powerful capabilities they need to rapidly debug new production incidents, and to roll out targeted fixes exactly where they’re needed.

Find “needle in a haystack” problems

It’s critical to understand issues quickly when you have a service that's impaired or unavailable. With Shoreline, issues are no no longer so hard to diagnose in complex, multi-cloud, and microservice environments. 

It’s like a database view for your fleet

Get insight into your infrastructure like never before, so you can see exactly what is going on everywhere. There’s no need to VPN or login box-by-box, since Shoreline provides instant secure access.

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