Incident Automation needs to be even more resilient and available than your existing infrastructure.  Whether it's a problem with your cloud provider or in your own infrastructure, Shoreline will be there when you need it most.
All users must be identified and authenticated
  • Shoreline processes automatically restart using local supervisor tree.
  • Shoreline Agents run autonomously even when the Shoreline backend is down.
  • Long-lived connections between agents and the Shoreline backend are used to determine when Agents are unavailable.
  • The Shoreline back-end will recognize when some agents are not available and will bring back partial results if necessary.
The Shoreline backend is resilient
  • All pods are continuously monitored by Shoreline and automatically restarted as needed.
  • Amazon EKS will fail pods over across availability zones automatically.
Shoreline monitoring and audit trail data is always backed up
  • The last hour of data is always stored on both the agent and the Shoreline backend.
  • Every hour backend data is backed up to S3.
  • S3 data is automatically backed up across-regions and can be manually restored when needed.