“My ticketing data was imported in a few moments, and within 30 seconds, I was seeing noisy alarms to turn off, monitor thresholds to change, and repairs to automate.”
Director, Site Reliability

Purpose-built for DevOps & SRE

Implement best practices for all your on-call engineers. With Incident Insights, you can diagnose outages, determine root cause, and correct errors, without any spreadsheets or scripts.

Pre-built dashboards and reports

Level up your on-call practices by analyzing your production incidents. Drill down by team or service to understand mean time to acknowledge (MTTA), mean time to repair (MTTR), and 20 other key metrics.

Filter noisy, high volume data with AI

Ticket data (tags, titles, descriptions) is noisy, categorizing hundreds of issues by hand is exhausting. Shoreline does it for you with automated on-call reports built with AI.

Get up & running in 2 minutes

  1. Sign up with email or Google
  2. Connect your ticketing system: PagerDuty or Opsgenie
  3. Configure and refine automated categorization and analysis
Self-guided demo

Pinpoint the top causes of incidents

Shoreline uses machine learning to identify patterns and group your incidents. It calculates the number of incidents, MTTA, MTTR, and average priority level per incident group. Use dashboards and reports to identify incidents that cause more toil or highlight degraded services, and correct alarm thresholds.
“Production incident data is criminally undervalued, and even those involved in incidents generally can be suspicious of it. Shoreline’s Incident Insights work is a great way to start looking at patterns in what’s happening in your incidents, and start getting some larger value out of them.”
Niall Murphy
SRE and engineering leader at Amazon, Google, & Azure. Author Google SRE Books.

Measure team health

Understand how on-call is affecting SRE and DevOps teams with Incident Insights. Are certain teams or engineers getting overloaded? Are some services driving up MTTR? How does the average number of incidents per team compare?

Use trending data to drive continuous improvement

Track golden metrics, create a DevOps dashboard, and establish SRE best practices with Incident Insight’s operational efficiency report. Identify trends across your DevOps or SRE teams, micro-services and production incidents. Is MTTR improving or deteriorating over time? Are you actually reducing toil?

Your data is safe with us

Shoreline is SOC 2 certified. Built by AWS experts, data security best practices are fully baked into the design, including end-to-end data encryption in transit and at rest. Incident Insights is a read-only tool, and can not disrupt production systems.

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