Operations at the Edge

Processing, analyzing, and acting on observability data all within your own environment is a new architecture that is cheap, fast, fault tolerant, and secure.

Your infrastructure

Shoreline Software’s modern architecture supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and GCP. To enable operations at the edge, efficient and non-intrusive processes, called agents, run in the background of all monitored hosts.
Agents run as a DaemonSet or StatefulSet on Kubernetes or as an installed package on VMs (apt, yum)
The Shoreline backend is typically hosted by Shoreline in AWS, but can also be deployed in your AWS virtual private cloud
Agent footprints are 250MB of RAM and 1/4 core

Benefits of operating at the edge

Processing at the edge dramatically reduces network transport and storage costs, as well as network latency. In the event of a network outage, the system can keep checking for monitors in alarm, while saving data to be sent later.

Importantly, the approach is also inherently secure, since no credentials leave your environment and no inbound network access is needed.
For a deeper dive into the advantages of Operations at the Edge, read the blog post from our CTO

Shoreline’s architecture gets the important stuff right

Starting with a strong foundation for security, reliability, and safety, Shoreline’s architecture also offers the flexibility to meet your cloud business needs. Want to install the back end in your own environment? No problem. Need to deploy across multiple cloud providers? Of course, you can.


Shoreline encrypts data in transit and at rest using customer keys, ensures customer credentials are not available, and is guided by the principle of least privilege to increase system security. SOC2 certified.
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We restart all bad components automatically, failover across AZs and regions, and can execute even when the system is partially unavailable.
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Rather than relying on SSH access, Shoreline uses Terraform and CI/CD pipelines to add rigor in production ops. Role-based access control, scope limits, circuit breakers, and audit trails collectively add safety.
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