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Shoreline Operations Notebooks

Record, curate, and publish incident debug and repair best practices to safely empower on-call teams.
1 min

Forget static Runbooks.
Leap ahead to interactive visual Notebooks.

Shoreline Notebooks provide one-click access to real-time, per second debug data and powerful, fleetwide repair commands.

* Automatically capture debug and repair sessions per incident type
* Curate proven best practices for diagnosing and repairing incidents
* Instantly share notebooks with operators when an alarm is triggered


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2 min
Our Community-Driven Library of Shared Automations
We're all sitting on the same infrastructure in Production Ops, but build our systems as if we’re starting new. Insane! That's why Shoreline Op Packs are available for free.
3 min
Why You Need Automation Today
A ton of tools help you observe your environment and maybe half a ton help you route things and deduplicate them. But there's hardly anything out there that actually fixes your environment. That's the reason we need automation in production ops today.
4 min
How to Solve the Challenges of MELT Data at Scale
The bigger the data set, the slower it is to analyze. For MELT, you need to be able to execute a query at scale across your fleet and see what's going on in the live environment. That’s why, at Shoreline, we favor modeling the distributed system as a distributed system.