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Shoreline on Shoreline: Idle EC2 Cost Savings Op Pack

Hear from Shoreline Op Pack Engineer, Kaustubh Prabhakar, on how valuable it is to use our Idle EC2 Cost Savings Op Pack.
4 min

In order to succeed, we understand that innovating to meet the needs of our loyal users is a must. And there's no better way to understand their POV outside of becoming a customer ourself! Hear from Shoreline Op Pack Engineer, Kaustubh Prabhakar, on how valuable it is to use Shoreline Idle EC2 Cost Savings Op Pack.

We have various Op Packs we develop to run on our platform and take advantage of our real-time alerting and remediation services. One such Op Pack is our Idle EC2 Cost Savings. Idle EC2 instances can be a major hidden expense for companies that rely on cloud computing services since they can continue to accrue charges even when they are not being used. They can lead to unnecessary spending on resources and take up valuable budget and resources that could be used for other workloads.

Our Op Pack makes it simple to create an alarm that is configured to constantly look for idle instances across all cloud accounts in your fleet. But Shoreline doesn’t just alert, it remediates. Companies can specify a shutdown period to automatically shutdown instances idle for that period of time. Or they can manage the instances through a Shoreline Notebook that offers one-click actions to shutdown, terminate, or even add them to the idle exclusion list.


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