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Shoreline Fleetwide Debugging

Run a single command across the entire fleet to diagnose incidents more quickly.
1 min

The days of logging into individual boxes are over. Say “hello” to fleetwide debugging with per-second data.

Shoreline lets your on-call team:

* Use powerful diagnostic tools that provide deep insight across your fleet, even with multi-cloud deployments

* Find issues in seconds by filtering on tags, metric states, and data gathered by executing Linux commands


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3 min
Is Automation Too Time-Consuming?
Automation takes us too much time. The problem with this approach is that 48% of incidents are straightforward and repetitive. Don't have people fix them manually. Teach the computer how to do it.
5 min
How Shoreline Helps You Get a 4 9’s SLA
Since we’re all sitting on similar infrastructure, if someone solves an issue, everyone should be able to benefit from it. That’s one of the ways we help our customers to save time, reduce errors, and get to a four 9’s SLA.
3 min
How to Manage Failure without Wasting Resources
How can you better utilize the resources you keep aside for failover purposes? Here's how we utilized resources kept just for failover purposes to do things that could be stopped for some time when a failure happens and had resources doing useful background activity that can be deferred to when things hit the fan.