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Shoreline Customer Spotlight: TigerGraph

Automating mundane tasks and debugging were just a few of the DevOps requirements TigerGraph VP of Product and Innovation, Dr. Jay Yu, needed to scale in the cloud with his small team. Shoreline delivered.
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"Good news is we discovered Shoreline."

When things happen, we want to not only detect, but also automatically apply your fix, instead of having somebody manually, have to jump in to maintain those cluster servers.

We also want to have, you know sometimes, issues do happen, customer escalate to us how fast we can respond that, right? We have a very strict SLA with a very small team.

Only a team of four or five people.

How do we make that happen to handle hundreds of custom servers?

And finally want to make sure when we whenever we do something, sometimes we have to run things across the entire cluster, across, multiple customer’s organizations, how do we do that quickly.

And finally, we want making sure, our, you know, technical support folks, so you know, engineer, have the ability to quickly debug and repair things when those happen.

So these present huge challenges, and the good news we discovered Shoreline.


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