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Niall Murphy on his experience with Shoreline's Incident Automation Platform

Niall Murphy, former SRE at Google and Microsoft and author of the O'Reilly book, Site Reliability Engineering, shares his experience of using Shoreline's Incident Automation Platform.
2 min

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2 min
Automate Based on Frequency not Recency
Beware of recency bias when automating incidents!
2 min
3 Challenges of Meeting 4 Nines Availability
Availability for the 4 nines is equivalent to only 4.4 minutes of downtime in a month. Here are 3 challenges that keep people from meeting customer expectations for service availability.
3 min
Why You Need Automation Today
A ton of tools help you observe your environment and maybe half a ton help you route things and deduplicate them. But there's hardly anything out there that actually fixes your environment. That's the reason we need automation in production ops today.