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Automation Anywhere Connects Sumo Logic with Shoreline for Auto-remediation

Automaton Anywhere links Sumo Logic's data and log monitoring with Shoreline's automated incident repairs to improve customer experiences and save Dev time
6 min

Hear Head of Cloud Operations at Automation Anywhere, Raj Desikavinayagompillai, explain how they use Sumo Logic and Shoreline to improve customer experiences and save Developer time in this Illuminate 2022 session with Abelardo Gonzalez.

Automation Anywhere makes work more human by automating business processes and liberating people. To do this requires reliable and secure software, services and infrastructure. Discover how Automation Anywhere uses Sumo Logic for advanced use cases, including delivering the telemetry developers need, future-proofing their observability strategy and moving from manual incident remediation to an automated flow.

In this session, you’ll learn how the cloud operations team:

  • Efficiently manages costs for an ever-increasing volume of data
  • Evolved from manual to automated incident remediation with Shoreline
  • Saves 45 minutes of work every day from a single incident automation

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