See issues and act in real-time, directly from Datadog

Unprecedented visibility

Datadog provides unprecedented visibility into your infrastructure, apps and logs. Now you can act on this data with Shoreline.

Debugging and remediation

After a Datadog monitor fires, Shoreline provides debugging and remediation features.

Automate remediation

For your most common issues, Shoreline makes it easy to automate remediation. And you can do all of this without ever leaving the Datadog user interface.

Empower Everyone On-call To Be As Good as Your Best SRE

Create a library of best practice debugging tools and pre-built remediation actions so that everyone on-call is fixing incidents correctly and safely.

Debug with Shoreline’s CLI inside Datadog

No more switching back and forth between windows and no more SSH-ing into box after box. When a Datadog monitor fires, you can start debugging on the same screen. With Shoreline, you can run Linux commands in parallel on every affected node, collect summary data, and find needle-in-the-haystack anomalies in seconds.

Remediate with Approved, Pre-built Actions

Instead of documenting playbooks in wikis, create live, best-practice remediations with role-based access controls. Give your on-call team the flexibility to apply these remediations to one or many hosts at the same time. Built-in blast controls and circuit breakers safeguard against mistakes.

Create Automated Remediations Tied to Datadog Monitors

For your most common incidents, create automated remediations and eliminate interruptions and 2am wake up calls. Create fine grained monitors that determine the root cause with confidence. Tie a Shoreline automation to a Datadog monitor in just a few clicks.

View Audit Logs In The Datadog Event Stream

Track both manual and automated remediation activities. Provide reports to engineering on the most common incidents to help them improve reliability. Publish data to your security and compliance systems so that you can document every action that occurred in your production system.

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