Containers and VM management made easy

Designed for Amazon EC2 and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Shoreline can automatically detect and fix bad nodes, expiring certificates, filing disks, excessive memory utilization, pod failures, server drift, and more. This eliminates work and proactively addresses pending issues before trouble tickets roll in.

Get data on any AWS service so you can debug in real-time

Shoreline provides real-time fleetwide telemetry across all VMs and containers, and fully integrates with Cloudwatch to get telemetry on managed services like RDS and ELB. This can be used to trigger actions or initiate debugging in Shoreline. Whether you are monitoring basic infrastructure metrics against running services, or have developed custom metrics, Shoreline is easily configured to utilize that data.

Introducing Notebooks for debugging and remediation

Shoreline has introduced the first Notebooks purpose-built for debugging and repair of your production infrastructure. With a web-based UI, Notebooks automatically capture an entire debug and remediation session, which can be associated with a specific alarm, and then be shared to streamline future incident response.

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