FREE Java Memory Leak Repair Tool

Don't waste time trying to debug Java memory leak issues without the right data.
  • Alarm when the heap size gets too big
  • Capture Java heap dump and garbage collection data
  • Save debug data to Amazon S3, Google storage, etc.
  • Automatically restart the Java Virtual Machine (optional)

Get Java Memory Leak Repair Tool

The Problem

JVM memory issues can be a huge pain to diagnose. They are often caused by transient requests or large/unusual payloads. The Java garbage collector may eventually resolve the situation, but in the meantime, spiking CPU increases latency and hurts the customer experience. Capturing the heap dump and garbage collection statistics is key for debugging the underlying cause, and all too often, people forget to capture these metrics.

Capturing heap dump and garbage collection data is usually a nightmare and no one wants to watch a bunch of SSH windows hoping to catch the leak occurring.

The Solution

Shoreline solves the problem quickly and effectively.

Shoreline automates all of this, saving engineers hours of work while immediately fixing the customer experience. Shoreline continuously monitors the JVM heap size and triggers an alarm if the heap size exceeds a configurable threshold.

Once the alarm fires, Shoreline automatically captures heap dump, thread dump, GC stats, and other debug data. Customers can choose to push this data to Amazon S3, Google storage, or any other object store before optionally restarting the JVM. This process completes in seconds, ensuring the least possible impact on the customer experience. Shoreline saves you hours of exploratory work and eliminates engineering frustration trying to identify a root cause without enough information.

About Shoreline

Shoreline is helping software engineers and site reliability engineers take the toil out on-call. We make it easy to debug new issues in the moment and then automate them away forever. Shoreline runs across clouds, VMs, and containers and lets you manage your fleet as if it were a single box. Shoreline is working with large and hyper-growth companies like Dataiku, Domino Data Lab, TigerGraph, and Incorta.

Shoreline gives users a path to automation with a CLI for debugging and immediate issue resolution. Shoreline allows users to capture a debug and repair session in a Jupyter-style notebook built for on-call. Then, share notebooks with your entire team to safely fix issues using a list of pre-approved repair actions. Finally, when you are confident that you have precisely matched the repair action to the alarm, you can automate away common issues permanently.

Shoreline provides many pre-built automations, called Op Packs, that any customer can use. Shoreline is offering the JVM Op Pack for free so that users can eliminate JVM memory issues permanently.

Trusted by industry leaders

Modern businesses are powered by fleets of servers that are increasingly hard to operate, but customers expect 100% availability.
Dr. Jay Yu
VP Product and Innovation and
GM San Diego Innovation Lab
"If you need to manage a multi-cloud fleet, Shoreline is your best answer."
Niall Murphy
SRE and engineering leader at Amazon,
Google, and Azure. Author Google SRE Books
“Shoreline is not just a production debugging tool, it helps you make your whole team better.”
Paul Lewis
Senior Site Reliability
Manager at Domino
Shoreline actually allows our SRE team to fix a problem before it causes a 3AM wake-up call.”

Shoreline integrates with your stack

Shoreline complements your Observability and Incident Management solutions by helping repair incidents that could impact your application and service availability.