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theCUBE Interviews Shoreline CEO Anurag Gupta at AWS re:Invent

Anurag Gupta joined John Walls to discuss innovation in the cloud with DevOps teams for the Global Startup Program at AWS re:Invent 2022.
14 min

Anurag Gupta from joined John Walls for the Global Startup Program at AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas, NV to discuss innovation in the cloud with DevOps teams.

"What used to really excite me was having some issue extinguished forever. And if you think about it, like the first five minutes of an incident are detecting and routing. The next hour, two hours, is some human being going in and fixing it, so that feels like the big opportunity to reduce."

"One of the nice things about Shoreline is, is that we take the experience in what we build for one company, and if they're willing, provide it to everybody else. Our belief is, if someone somewhere fixes something, everyone everywhere should gain the benefit, because we all sit on the same three clouds, we all sit on the same set of database infrastructure, et cetera. We should all get the same benefits."

Hear more on how Shoreline is finding issues and fixing them forever, and learn about Incident Insights, the FREE tool that will automatically analyze your incident ticketing data to provide insights using ML to categorize and filter raw ticketing data from tools like PagerDuty. You can sign up in 2 minutes, connect your data, and start finding ways to improve on-call for your team in no time.

Explore a self-guided demo to see the power of Shoreline for yourself.


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