Redis Health Monitoring

Restart dependent apps when Redis server restarts to refresh stale cache


The problem

Redis is an immensely fast cache, allowing apps to get at data faster than they could with a relational or NoSQL database. To speed up querying, applications may choose to also locally cache data, ensuring they don’t need to take the network latency hit just to get at cached data.

But what happens when Redis has issues, needs to restart, or we restore from backup? The applications may still have old, stale cache. How do they know they need to re-query the Redis server?

The solution

This Shoreline automation monitors the up-time and restart date of the Redis server. If the redis server restarts, Shoreline automatically restarts the pods that depend on the cached data to ensure they always have fresh data.


Customer experience impact
Stale cache can lead to incorrect data presented to users
Occurrence frequency
Shoreline time to repair
Time to diagnose manually
Cost impact
Time to repair manually
1-2 manual hours

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