Postgres Troubleshooting

Run db queries and cli commands as the agent user


The problem

When we’re first building a web app, we have a local database, and access is easy. When a small business first launches the product, Devs and Ops often have direct access to the db to fix anything that comes up quickly.

But in larger organizations we have clear separation of duties, approvals, and sign-offs.  No longer does the SRE team have direct access to the database.  This does protect customer data, but really hinders the team responsible for keeping the solution online.  Must we really go before the tribunal just to make a quick index update or restart the cluster?

The solution

This Shoreline Runbook allows interactively running any database query or Postgres CLI command with the permissions of the agent, ensuring the team has access to accomplish the tasks they need. Shoreline’s agent history records these actions together with the logged in user account to ensure audit compliance.


Customer experience impact
Can't fix the problem if you don't have access
Occurrence frequency
Until root cause is found
Shoreline time to repair
1-2 Hours
Time to diagnose manually
Cost impact
Time to repair manually
5-7 Manual Hours

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