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Press releases Announces Open Source Solutions Library to Deliver Self-Healing Infrastructure

Shoreline’s library of pre-built Op Packs offers open source solutions for common production operations incidents, eliminating operational toil and increasing availability

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — July 14, 2022 —, the Incident Automation company, today announced Shoreline’s open source solutions library, a collection of Op Packs that make it easier to diagnose and repair the most common infrastructure incidents in production cloud environments. Launching with over 35 Op Packs freely available to the community, the solutions library addresses issues like JVM memory leaks, filling disks, rogue processes, and stuck Kubernetes pods, among others.

On-call teams understand that self-healing infrastructure drives higher availability, fewer tickets and better customer satisfaction. Until today, the path to incident automation was long and hard. With Shoreline, developers can now create and share open source Op Packs built in hours, not months. These pre-built automations and diagnostic notebooks save time and accelerate the path to increased reliability.  

Published and provisioned as open source Terraform modules, each Op Pack contains everything necessary to solve a specific issue, including pre-defined metrics, alarms, actions, bots, scripts, and tests. With Shoreline’s Op Pack library, the community identifies what to monitor, what alarms to set, and what scripts to run to complete the repair. All Op Packs are completely configurable and allow cloud operations teams to decide whether to use full automation or an interactive Notebook for human-in-the-loop repair. Co-developed with Shoreline customers, the Op Packs available at launch are based on real world on-call experience at large enterprises, rapidly growing unicorns, and the largest hyperscalar production environments.    

"We're all working in the same cloud environments, yet every company has to figure out on their own how to automate even commonplace issues, like filling disks or JVM memory leaks,” said Anurag Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Shoreline. “Companies can no longer afford to write their own runbooks or custom code automations from scratch. With Shoreline, every time someone in our community fixes a problem, everyone else benefits.”

“Shoreline makes our cloud infrastructure more reliable,” said Wojciech Krupa, CTO and co-founder at Knowde. “The platform automatically manages tickets, fixes issues, and resizes clusters for us, so we scale up and down at the right time. The Shoreline Op Pack library presents many more opportunities to make on-call shifts better for our team, and new op packs every month will only increase the value of this resource. My team is much happier now that they have Shoreline.”

The following Op Pack solutions are immediately available, and free to Shoreline customers. The solutions library will continue to grow each month as new Op Packs are added by the Shoreline community. With each additional Op Pack in use by a customer, time is freed up for engineers to focus on innovation, rather than repetitive, mundane tasks that are better handled through automation. Op Packs available at launch include:

Streamline Kubernetes Operations

Reduce Toil  (on both VMs or Kubernetes)

Optimize Cloud Spend 

Increase Security

Avoid Major Outages

Companies around the world rely on Shoreline’s incident automation platform to resolve common incidents in production, broaden the team that can safely repair incidents, and perform live site debugging of new incidents. Pairing this Op Pack solutions content with the Shoreline platform accelerates time to value and increases ROI for Shoreline customers.

To learn more about Shoreline’s incident automation platform and Op Pack library, schedule a product demo, or start a free trial, visit:  

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