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Predictions for 2022: More Outages and Less SREs to Fix Them

Shoreline COO Ashley Stirrup shares his predictions for 2022.

In this article, Ashley Stirrup, COO of Shoreline, shares his projections for the year ahead in the DevOps industry, and in Shoreline's area of expertise specifically.  Top 3 predictions:

  1. Outages will continue to cost companies 100's of billions of dollars. We’ve seen significant outatages at tech leaders including Facebook and LinkedIn. The right question for every company has always been not whether an outage could occur - of course it could - but what can be done to reduce the risk, duration, and impact.
  2. Thousands of SRE's will quit their jobs. According to LinkedIn there are over 1.1M people with SRE, Site Reliability, DevOps Engineer or Cloud Operations Engineering in their title. The average tenure of an SRE is slightly less than two years. That implies that over 500,000 SREs will quit their jobs in 2022.
  3. The death of the runbook. Runbooks are a great place for centralizing operational information, but they are a terrible way to empower on-call teams. When a customer is down, the last thing anyone wants to do is read the manual. A major reason why runbooks don't work is that they are both too big and too general. No one cares to read "The 15 things to check if CPU is high." They instead want a checklist of "The three things to do if CPU is high, and the JVM heap dump is maxed out."

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