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There’s a missing pillar in production operations — and it may be killing innovation

On-call incident response is broken, which costs you time, toil, and money. Now is the time to automate production ops.

On-call is broken. It’s the way it’s always been. Most of us never stop and think about how expensive, manual, and error-prone on-call really is.

Today’s production fleets are convoluted environments with a mixture of VMs and containers running across multiple clouds and multiple accounts. All of this makes on-call work very tedious and automation even harder.

Now is the time to automate production ops. Companies should work to automate away repetitive incidents in production, including expired certificates, disk failures, stuck pods, and JVM memory leaks. This reduces errors, IT fatigue, and increases time available for higher value work. Few companies are fixing tomorrow’s issues today, and automation keeps you ahead of the curve as your team spends more time innovating (and less time debugging).

To learn how to start your path toward production ops automation, read the full article by Shoreline COO, Ashley Stirrup, in IT Ops Times.

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